The Best Collection of Mailchimp Welcome Email Examples

The Best Collection of Mailchimp Welcome Email Examples

A welcome email is the first message your subscribers received when joining your list. It’s important to make sure you craft the perfect welcome email so that you make a good first impression. Mailchimp, the world’s leading email marketing software, lets you build an automated welcome email but how do you know what that email should contain or look like? We’ve put together a collection of resources so you can create the perfect welcome email. Check out our list of Mailchimp welcome email examples below.

Find Inspiration for Mailchimp Welcome Emails Online

A lot of popular email marketing experts, and companies, have put together exhaustive lists of welcome email examples. Of course, not all of these articles pertain specifically to Mailchimp. In fact, practically all of them are from Mailchimp competitors. Thankfully, that’s not really a big issue. Many of the examples found here can be used inside of Mailchimp with minimal effort. At the very least, you should find a lot of inspiration from these lists and be able to use these Mailchimp welcome email examples as a starting point for your own.

  • 10 Examples of Standout Welcome Emails by HubSpot
    HubSpot has compiled a list of their favorite welcome emails from a variety of businesses and industries. These examples come with descriptions about what makes them unique and screenshots. Some of the companies HubSpot covers, like, have seen incredible growth in recent years. It’s obvious they are doing something right and mimicing their welcome emails is a good idea for your own list.
  • 21 Best Welcome Email Examples to Engage Customers by Vero
    Vero, who have their own marketing software to compete with Mailchimp, has created quite a list of welcome email examples. This post has really interesting stats about welcome emails as well. We recommend giving this a read just to learn more about the importance of welcome emails. In addition, their examples are very in-depth with text, screenshots, and analysis for each.
  • 15 Best Welcome Email Examples for New Subscribers by MailerLite
    This list from MailerLite is useful because each of their examples comes with a specific theme. They want you to recognize emails that do a good job of sharing social media channels. Or, a welcome email that uses video in a good way. There is a lot to take in from this post which is what makes it a good source of inspiration and great for Mailchimp welcome email examples.
  • 7 Welcome Email Examples for Your Next Campaign by Instapage
    Instapage has put together a collection of welcome email examples to emphasis ways to influence new users. This is a great resource to refer to if you are having trouble writing the write kind of welcome email. Instapage’s examples can help you find the right reason, and voice, for your initial email sent to your list. Writing the perfect Mailchimp welcome email can be difficult and this list can make it easier.
  • 7 Best Welcome Email examples to Engage Your Customers by Omnisend
    In addition to example, this post by Omnisend goes into the benefits of welcome emails. The emphasis here is on e-commerce businesses but some of these rules apply to everyone. Outside of that, their examples are quite detailed and thorough. You’ll surely find at least one or two things to inspire you for your own welcome email. This post, like many here, aren’t specific to Mailchimp but that doens’t matter. You can find plenty of tips here that can work in Mailchimp.
  • 14 Welcome Email Examples That Build Trust With Subscribers by OptinMonster
    This is, by far, the longest and most thorough resource on our list. The folks at OptinMonster have put together a list of welcome emails full of details and screenshots. Each example includes how the email is sent, a screenshot, and then a breakdown of what they like and don’t like about the email itself. These aren’t all specifically Mailchimp welcome email examples but that shouldn’t stop you from reading this invaluvable post.
  • 7 Welcome Email Templates for Nurturing New Customers by Nutshell
    We’re going to close out this collection of resources with a post by company called Nutshell. They create CRM and email marketing software so they know what it takes to correctly greet new customers via email. Their examples are very well-thought and comprehensive. There is a lot of meat to this post.

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