Upgrade to ChimpBridge Pro

ChimpBridge Pro has all of the basic features that you use in the free version of the plugin. You can still draft, preview, and publish Mailchimp campaigns from inside WordPress. What sets ChimpBridge Pro apart from the free version are three key features that will make your Mailchimp email marketing efforts even better.


Take advantage of Mailchimp’s powerful Segments feature. After selecting an audience for your campaign, ChimpBridge Pro offers you the option to select any of the segments in that audience. The segment you select will be the only set of audience recipients who will receive your email when Mailchimp sends it.


ChimpBridge Pro lets you define exactly what you want to appear in the footer of your emails. Mailchimp has a default footer that they include automatically with every campaign. This feature lets you decide what information, and merge tags, are used in the footer of your newsletter.


ChimpBridge Pro’s most powerful feature is its Template option. The free version of ChimpBridge offers no formatting for your campaign. The email your audience receives will be simple text and images without any design elements surrounding it.

With ChimpBridge Pro, you can choose a template that will wrap your content in a pleasing-to-look-at and read design that is sure to impress your audience. ChimpBridge Pro comes with a basic template to get you started. Learn more about how you can add your own email template to ChimpBridge Pro.


Turn your published campaigns written with ChimpBridge into a readable WordPress newsletter archive. ChimpBridge Pro has special settings that let you create a viewable archive of your published campaigns.

Define your archive heading and URL and instantly give website readers access to your newsletter content. This feature works with most WordPress themes by default. Learn more about how you can create a WordPress newsletter archive with ChimpBridge Pro.

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ChimpBridge Pro comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.

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