Get help with your ChimpBridge Pro WordPress plugin for Mailchimp or ask a pre-sale question. Please contact us directly with your questions if you can’t find the help you need in our support documentation.

Support Documentation

How to Install ChimpBridge Pro
This is a step-by-step guide for installing and activating ChimpBridge Pro before you can start using it on your WordPress website.

How to Add a Custom Email Template to ChimpBridge Pro
ChimpBridge Pro supports custom email templates. Learn how you can add your own email template for use inside of the plugin.

How to Create a WordPress Newsletter Archive with ChimpBridge Pro
You can use ChimpBridge Pro to display a WordPress newsletter archive of your campaigns to visitors. Learn how with our tutorial.

How to Setup User Permissions in ChimpBridge Pro
ChimpBridge Pro supports a permission system for WordPress user roles. Learn how you can control which users can write and send campaigns.

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